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Red Bird Media works with municipalities, farmers, business owners, and other professionals to offer unparalleled Ultra HD 4K aerial photography and video throughout Southwestern Ontario.

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Drones for Roof Inspections

Not only are drones safer and cost effective for roof inspections, they also provide high resolution images that can be viewed, analyzed, and distributed with your engineering team.  Having the ability to get to hard to reach areas and provide high resolution images helps roofing professionals get a bird eye view of what they are working with.

A few of our Clients

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Transport Canada SFOC certified and ready to fly, we offer Municipal and other Government agencies, school boards, and construction companies an aerial perspective of their projects that can only be achieved with an aerial drone.

We have the experience, skills and tools to provide our industrial clients with a complete picture of what they’re dealing with. Whether you are looking for aerial inspection for efficient ways to monitor crop growth, marketing, inspection, or insurance purposes, our drones are capable of flying at a height of up to 400 feet to offer you a bird’s eye view of your crops, buildings, structures, geographical features, and projects.

red bird media aerial drone london ontario
aerial drone london ontario red bird media
We offer packages that  include regularly scheduled aerial imaging to get the best possible data on crop growth rates.  We take detailed measurements of the crops and provide the views to see the progress in real time.  After each session, we provide a report that gives farmers a great sense of how their crops are doing.
Our agriculture drone services cost a fraction of the price of traditional aerial imaging services and we provide our clients with video footage the same day that it is taken.

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