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Transport Canada SFOC Certified & fully insured, we work with real estate agents, local businesses, municipalities, government agencies & industry to provide Ultra HD/4K aerial photography and video.

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Promotional & Marketing Videos

The videos we produce are built with purpose and are designed to tell a visual story of what you want showcased.  We use the latest in visual imaging tools including aerial drones, HD video cameras, and action cams to get the best footage possible.

We make videos for:

  • Real Estate Marketing
  • Business Marketing
  • Social Media Shorts
  • Client/Customer Testimonials
  • Instructional/Educational Training

We meet with clients to get an understanding of their specific needs and goals are when going through the video production process. We make sure to stay up to date on the latest in video marketing trends. Our tools and techniques are always evolving to produce the best quality footage that is sure to get views.




Aerial UAV Inspection Woodstock Ontario

We work with municipalities, industries and the agricultural sector to provide high quality aerial inspection services.  With capabilities of reaching heights of up to 400 feet, our UAV offers a bird’e eye view to meet your aerial visual inspection needs.

Red Bird Media is SFOC Certified (standing) Transport Canada, and we carry $2M in liability insurance.

Learn more about how Red Bird Media can provide a vantage point that can be recorded and live viewed to best help you know what your dealing with.

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